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Linking KC is a group of industry exclusive chapters that all focus on a positive, uplifting culture that meet with the intention of developing relationships to grow business. Linking KC currently has multiple chapters. If you’d like an invitation to an upcoming chapter event or to submit questions about our referral teams click here and fill out the Contact Us form! We are growing every week and would love to hear from you if you’re interested in learning more about our referral alliances!

The Linking KC Way:

Linking KC was created for the purpose of growing business and revenues, but has become so much more. Linking KC has a family-like atmosphere where you can count on high energy, positive attitudes, and a strong feeling of camaraderie. When you join Linking KC you are building relationships for your business while also building lasting friendships.

Linking KC’s Mission:

The mission of Linking KC is to help its members develop relationships that will ultimately grow their businesses. This is done through a structure that encourages quality introductions to prospective clients and prospective centers of influences (COI’s). In Linking KC we have grown to recognize COI’s as our Power Team.

Linking KC Power Team Model:

When you join Linking KC you will be encouraged to join a sub group within your chapter that is called a Power Team. Your Power Team is the group of members that you are most likely able to pass referrals to and also receive from. You will want to build your closest relationships with these people in order to get the most out of your membership. Power Teams are known to do joint client events, social events, prospecting activities, and much more outside of the normal chapter meetings.

The “Quik Trip” of Networking:

One might ask what makes Linking KC different from other networking organizations. The clear answer to that is the culture. Linking KC focuses on quality over quantity when choosing leadership and members, so that it continues to maintain the overwhelming sense of unity during chapter meetings. From the outside the product might look similar, but like “QT”, when you walk in you immediately feel the difference.

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